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About Us

Pearl Fu is a small creative enterprise based in Dallas, Texas.

Our goal is to provide unusual and unique pearl pieces that incorporate the classic elegance of this organic gem. Pearl Fu creations are handcrafted and one of a kind, unless otherwise noted in the item description.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in ecommerce. We want each customer to be satisfied, and return to watch the site for new offerings and blog updates.

Custom Work

If you have a creation in mind, we can help you or point you to a vendor who specializes in what you’re looking for. E-mail to get started.


We do not rate pearls at this time for two reasons:

1. Rating systems are highly subjective. They seem to cause more anxiety than they’re worth for unusual pearls or pearls used as components of a multi-component piece. If an item falls short of appearing A/AAA/AAAAAA++++ in relationship to the concept, it is reworked. :)

2. There is not a GIA Graduate Pearls diploma recipient (which includes a Pearl Grading Lab class) working with Pearl Fu at this time and we would not want ratings to lead you to believe otherwise. If photography and descriptions don’t answer all your questions about a piece, please e-mail

If you’d like to express your need for nacre or want to learn more about pearls, Pearl Guide is a wonderful resource. Experts, large & small vendors, (non-lowly) beaders and enthusiasts congregate at the Pearl Guide forum.


Prices are directly linked to the cost of materials and of labor investment.

Small/unusual pearls are sometimes very expensive. Larger pearls are, at times, relatively inexpensive. Some techniques are very involved, while others are quick. This sometimes makes for pricing contrasts that seem .

We want to make pieces, sell them and buy more interesting components for your shopping pleasure. A fair price for all involved is part of that bargain.

Bead for Life

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